Designforge provides assistance with the creative and design process to clients. To further this aim, please utilise the following step-by-step guide for all design projects.

Note that depending on the requirements of a particular job, not all steps are essential. Required steps are marked *.

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  1. Initial Meeting or Discussion.
  2. Brief*.
  3. Estimate*.
  4. Approval to commence*.
  5. Third party quote(s) / estimate(s).
  6. Third party commission(s).
  7. Design proposal*.
  8. Final client approval*.
  9. Finished Art*.
  10. Invoice*.
  11. Payment*.
  12. Feedback.

1. Initial Meeting or Discussion

General, Job Scope and Cost issues are clarified as much as possible. A meeting may be at a clients office, or a discussion via any other communications medium—see the Contact page.


2. Brief*

What the Job is trying to achieve. The client must distil the nature of the job down to one brief paragraph in consultation with their own internal or external Marketing providers and Designforge. The Brief may be sent via written correspondence (e.g. letter, or email) to Designforge. This document is given to Designforge for review before commencement of further works. Provision of a high quality brief is important and will directly influence the opportunity to provide a satisfactory creative treatment.


3. Estimate*

An estimate may be sent via written correspondence (e.g. letter, or email) to the client. Typically this will be sent to a client as an emailed .PDF file. Unless specifically requested, this is an estimate only—not a Fixed Price Quote, the final cost may change depending on a variety of factors. Clients will be promptly notified if works in progress are likely to exceed the estimated cost.


4. Approval to commence*

This indicates acceptance of any quote provided and always indicates approval for billable work to commence. A client must indicate acceptance via written correspondence (e.g. letter, or email) before work can commence. Please provide reference for Job and Item numbers and date in the correspondence.

Creative and Design work will be billed after this approval. Administrative work performed, such as liaison with third party providers on the clients behalf will also be billed accordingly.


5. Third party quote(s) / estimate(s)

Any required third party providers (e.g. commercial printers, or professional photographers) are contacted on the clients behalf. Preliminary specifications and timelines are discussed. Quotes or estimates will be addressed and sent from the third party directly to the client.


6. Third party commission(s)

Upon written correspondence (e.g. letter, or email) from the client approving the quote or estimate, Designforge will commission the indicated third party provider on the clients behalf.

Please Note: All payment is to be made by the Client directly to the third party provider. This is a general arrangement and will be modified only in special circumstances. In these cases Designforge will provide written correspondence (e.g. letter, or email) to the client indicating that we have agreed to handle a specified third party invoice. A handling fee of 15% of the third party invoice will be charged to provide this service.


7. Design proposal*

An outline of the proposed design will be sent to the client for review. This proposal may be submitted in any form—a text description, a design rough, or an almost finished design. Refinement of a design proposal is an ongoing process in order to reach the point where a design is ready to be submitted for Final Client Approval.


8. Final client approval*

The client must indicate acceptance of the finished design before Finished Art is produced. The design may be submitted for approval as a physical printout Hard Proof or supplied electronically as a .PDF Soft Proof. Please Note: Proofs provided are not guaranteed as Colour Correct. If a design is to be submitted physically a package may be dispatched to you, typically via Couriers Please. In either case the client will be required to sign to indicate Final Client Approval.

A Hard Proof will have a note attached with an area for client signature. Click to download an example Final Client Approval note as a .PDF (Portable Document Format)—(40KB).

A Soft Proof is typically a lower resolution PDF, but may be a JPEG or other image format (particularly if it is a web project). To approve simply reply to the originating email, and respond with "Approved" or "Approved with changes".

Viewing and digitally signing PDFs requires the latest version of the Adobe Reader application.

Please Note: Any authors correction after this point will incur extra costs to the client. At the very least you will incur costs to alter the artwork, redistribute the artwork, reprint colour proofs etc. In the majority of cases, additional third party costs will be incurred (e.g. your commercial printer). In this eventuality, no responsibility is taken for said third party costs. These additional costs may be quite expensive and damage your ongoing relationship with your third party providers. Please—Measure Twice, Cut Once.


9. Finished Art*

Files are modified as necessary to confirm to particular requirements of a third party provider (e.g. Commercial Printer). Files are provided to a third party provider either via courier on digital storage media (e.g. CD-R or DVD-R etc.), email, or via web-based file Transfer. If the job requires digital storage media to be couriered, other materials may be also be included. For example composite colour laser prints and separation mono laser prints will be provided as reference for the commercial printer, to help ensure a smooth running job.


10. Invoice*

Expect written correspondence (e.g. letter, or email) detailing final costs. Typically this will be sent to a client as an emailed .PDF file. Payment terms are found within this document.


11. Payment*

Please provide payment via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Account details are found within your Invoice document. It would be appreciated if your accounts department could send an email (subject=EFT Payment) to accounts @ domain indicating that payment has been made, the relevant invoice number(s) and what date it was made.


12. Feedback

In the interests of improving quality of service, please feel free to contact Designforge.